The Problem with Dog Breeding

The problems with dog breeding is that there are already too many unwanted and unloved dogs in this world. Even if your dog would breed the best behaved, prettiest, or smartest litter of puppies does not mean it is necessary to be breeding your dog. Especially if you are planning to sell the puppies for greedy sums of money. Dog breeding is completely unethical.
There are already too many stray dogs living on the street who end up in animal shelters. Man of these shelters are kill shelters because they do not have the means to house the consistent influx of dogs. It is irresponsible to intentionally bring any more dogs into the world. Just because you think you have a particularly great dog does not guarantee that every pup is going to find a home. And even if you do find a home for every pup in your litter that is one less dog that is adopted from a shelter.